Riverside Sawmill

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Standing timber is hand felled and cable skidders move logs to the log landing. We generally find mechanized harvesting equipment to be poorly adapted to the slopes in south western Wisconsin and that it creates unacceptable levels of residual damage in selective harvests.

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Logs arrive at the mill yard. All timber contracts are scaled at the yard to provide accurate raw material costs.

In November of 2008, we replaced the circle head saw with a 62" McDonough extended column bandmill. The bandmill, coupled to a Cleerman carraige and drive and Silvatech setworks, provides primary breakdown.

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McDonough Horizontal Resaw with Mellot infeed and return system provide the secondary breakdown.

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The lumber is edged and trimmed before being individually graded and tallied. All lumber is end-coated with Anchorseal immediately after packaging.

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